Sunshine Festival Results For Play Board

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Sunshine Festival Results For Play Board

The North Okanagan Optimist Club had a booth again at the Sunshine Festival 2016.  We tried something different this year, and we feel it was a BIG success.  We made a board with the words PLAY written on it, and then asked the kids who came into our booth to draw something that came to mind when they think of PLAY.

So here is a list of some of the comments and images that the children drew:

Bike-a-thon, Gymnastics -1, Amusement park, Curling with my friends, Growing fun  things, Coloring Contests and pictures in co,loring books, Playing with Barbies in the park, playing soccer -1, playing on the swings, skate boarding, playing outside, building Lego things, playing with toys, playing games outside, going to the park, be a wolf, dance in the living-room, playing Poker –Texas holdem, playing on the slide, playing in the snow, playing Hockey, playing baseball, drawing chalk games on the sidewalk, jumping on the Trampoline, playing with water balloons, , playing tag and let anyone join, drawing and coloring, having a playdate with Mom & Dad, riding my bike, jumping in bouncy castles, swimming, playing basketball, go skiing, playing golf, doing things with my family, playing cards, playing with my kite, playing with my Bunnies, gardening with my Mom & Dad, playing house, listening to music, playing with animals, reading books, going to the beach, playing volleyball, play with my puppy, driving a digger with Grandpa, going for walks, playing in the sandbox, go to the park,  acting.

Thank you to all the children who took the time to draw us a PLAY picture!


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