Sponsorship of Silver Star Queen

Sponsorship of Queen Silver Star Excellence Program Candidate

The North Okanagan Optimist Club is proud to announce the upcoming sponsorship of Kayla Sargeant for the Queen Silver Star Pageant" for the 2017 Vernon Winter Carnival. Kayla Sargeant will be "Miss Optimist Club" and we are very excited about helping her along this journey to win the "Silver Star Queen" nomination. More details coming soon.

Kayla Sargeant as "Miss Optimist Club" Completes the 2017 "Queen Silver Star Excellence Program"

The North Okanagan Optimist Club (NOOC) entered the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade for the first time to celebrate Kayla Sargeant as "Miss Optimist Club" carrying our NOOC banner and John Kerr driving Bannister Honda's sponsored vehicle. Kayla waved to the crowds as standing through the sunroof and our members carrying the NOOC banner.

Kayla also volunteered to help with the Coldstream Meadows Seniors Flee Market, and has indicated she is interested in volunteering in future events NOOC may have.

Kayla finished the "Queen Silver Star Excellence Program" and won the "Blossom Award" (as most improved candidate). The whole NOOC membership is very proud of her participation and representation of the North Okanagan Optimist Club.