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Having fun while helping our community!

Optimist Clubs worldwide and their members, have been volunteering their time and energy to help youth in their community since 1919, and by doing so are “Bringing Out the Best In Kids”.

The purpose of The North Okanagan Optimist Club is to develop “Optimism” as a philosophy of life and to aid and encourage the youth of our community. Our members are committed to building a better future for the youth we influence through guidance, support and by setting a good example. This in turn empowers young people to be the best that they can be.

We encourage you to browse through our Website, learn what we do and, maybe, come out and help or even join our Non-Profit Organization today!
To read the "Essay" on "How My Positive Outlook Benefits My Community" click this link.
“Reasons People Join An Optimist Club”
Most people are attracted to join an Optimist Club for one or more of the following reasons:

-Helping kids and youth in their community
-Being part of something positive
-Sharing your ideas and inspiring others
-Mentoring and aiding youth with their personal growth
-Surrounding yourself with positive people
-Experiencing volunteering for the good of others
-Becoming more active and involved in serving your community
-Improving your own personal development
-Networking with other members
-Practice being optimistic in everything you do

Watch the short slide show below to see if you have or want to develop any of the qualities of being a "Local Leader". The annual fee is only $100.00 which you can pay $25.00 quarterly, plus a $30.00 Optimist International membership payment.

How To Join Our Club”

The North Okanagan Optimist Club members believe that optimism when shared with others can have a positive effect and provide greater benefits in our daily lives. We share a common philosophy and creed (see “The Optimist Creed”) that can lift our spirit, lift the spirit of others and can ultimately affect attitudes for a better community and better place to live.

Joining our Optimist club is a great way to meet new people, make new friends and grow as an individual. You will discover our meetings to be full of laughter as we discuss our upcoming events and agendas.

If you have some time to spare you can offer your skills to assist in one of our many committees. If you have a heart for serving youth, we’d love to meet you and have you as a guest at our next meeting, held every 3rd Monday of each month (except July and August) at Tom's Place.
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Membership Types Within the Optimsit Clubs

Life Member

Life Membership is an honor often bestowed by a Club on an Optimist who has shown years of dedication to the Club and the organization. Optimists can also enroll themselves in Life Membership. Through Life Membership, a one-time fee is paid and the Optimist pays lower dues for life. See the Life Member Application for additional information.

College Member

Any Optimist Member who is enrolled as a full-time college student (minimum of 12 credit hours) is eligible to have their annual dues reduced.

Friend of Optimists

Individuals can show their support for "The North Okanagan Optimist Club" by becoming a "Friends of Optimists". A "Friend of Optimists" may be someone who does not have an Optimist Club in their area, or they may not have time to dedicate to a local Optimist Club. Optimist Clubs can also bestow a "Friend of Optimists" membership on a community member who has shown great support for the Club. To learn more, check out the "Friend of Optimists Brochureand read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Friend of Youth

When you become a NOOC “Friend of Optimist” you automatically become a “Friend of Youth”. We invite both individuals and business organizations to show your support for the North Okanagan Optimist Club, by becoming a "Friend of Optimist". Many busy people just don't have time to spend to become an active member of NOOC, but do value the principals that our club is built on and wish to support us.
Friends of Optimist supports the good work of the NOOC but are not members. They contribute $100.00 which is then used for projects with the kids and youth of the North Okanagan Community.
You can download the Optimist NOW Brochure here, just click this link.
Frequently Asked Questions About "Friend of Optimists" PDF click here. Click here to Join